Traiteur Créole

Bien au-delà de la découverte d’un savoureux et subtile accord des saveurs et des goûts du monde, c’est une invitation à un voyage culinaire aux tonalités exotiques que vous propose Terre d’ Sens…

Buffet Mariage

 French Caribbean origin, in love with Provence, Leyla Louviers creates brand,Terre d’Sens, Creole caterer.

She is committed to sharing what makes the originality of his culinary art: a mix of gastronomy and Caribbean PACA . Indeed, who better than she can make you taste the gnocchi and cream Conch ?!?

A traditional taste of yesteryear Leyla knows Louviers suit your tastes and has already proposed to the greatest number: caterings for concerts, festivals, parades, your resort: yachts, ..
You also have enough spice up your evenings with friends or family, at events or intimate life: weddings, christenings, birthdays,

Make your puck, Terre d’ Sens